News bites: Ex-Medicare chief backs premium support, and more

Thomas Scully, who ran Medicare under President George W. Bush, said that premium support is "going to have to happen" if the federal government wants to control its spending. Kaiser Health News has the interview.

"Wild allegations" abound in current healthcare-related political ads, The Associated Press reports.

The ACLU is alleging that Rite Aid discriminates in the sale of emergency contraception by refusing it to men. The Jersey Journal has more on one case.

More Americans are considering the prices of certain medical treatments before receiving care, according to a new poll. NPR has the story.

California wants to regain control of its prison healthcare system, but a federal judge is saying no, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

The state is also seeing an ad blitz ahead of Tuesday's primary vote, which will include a proposal to raise its cigarette tax by $1 per pack. The Wall Street Journal has more.

Federal regulators are going to increase testing for E. coli in raw beef, The New York Times reports.