News bites: Round-up of post-ruling scenarios, and more

Kaiser Health News, The New York Times and The Associated Press all describe what's at stake in the Supreme Court's looming decision on healthcare reform — and the mess that would come with undoing the law.

Mike Leavitt's group, Leavitt Partners, has an interactive bracket for potential outcomes from both the ruling and the 2012 elections.

Reuters has one major insurer's stance. UnitedHealth Group, the most valuable U.S. health insurance company, says it will maintain the law's protections no matter what the court decides.

The New York Times has the angle on hospitals with a look at how Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn is preparing for the ruling.

Connecticut's new essential health benefits plan will cover abortions, the Connecticut Mirror reports.

Fifty different cancers are now covered by a fund for illnesses from World Trade Center dust, The New York Times reports.

A mysterious E. coli outbreak has hit six states, The Associated Press reports.