Poll: Many would have 'mixed reaction' to Supreme Court ruling on health law

Roughly one-third of those surveyed in the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll said they would have "mixed feelings" about the court's decision, irrespective of whether the justices strike the law or uphold it.

Thirty-five percent said they would be disappointed if the court upholds the law, while 28 percent said they would be pleased and 34 percent said they would have mixed feelings.

Although opinion seems to tilt somewhat in favor of striking down the mandate, most voters apparently don't think the policy will hurt them.

Asked what would happen to their families if the mandate is ruled unconstitutional, 55 percent said it wouldn't make much difference. Twenty-five percent said such a ruling would hurt them. Only 18 percent said they would be helped by a decision overturning the mandate.

The poll also asked respondents to name the first thing that comes to mind about Obama. His healthcare law was the third most common answer among supporters as well as critics.

Five percent of people with a positive reaction said healthcare came to mind first, compared with 8 percent of people who reported a negative reaction.