FTC: Ab Circle Pro ads are 'deceptive'

The FTC noted that its complaint does not amount to a ruling that the Ab Circle Pro defendants violated the law, nor does their agreement to settle admit their guilt.

The exercise device might be best known for its infomercial, which aired more than 10,000 times between March 2009 and May 2010, according to the FTC.

In the video, Jennifer Nicole Lee claimed that using Ab Circle Pro would yield the same results as a gym workout.

The FTC suggested that her statement was false.

"Weight loss is hard work, and telling consumers otherwise is deceptive," said David Vladeck, head of the agency's Bureau of Consumer Protection.

"The FTC reminds marketers that they should think twice before promising a silver-bullet solution to a health problem — whether it involves losing weight or curing cancer."

The Ab Circle Pro is "a fiberglass disk with stationary handlebars and two knee rests that roll on the edge of the disk, allowing consumers to kneel and rotate side-to-side." It cost buyers between $200 and $250 through the infomercial, according to the FTC.