Group fundraises off Dems' 'radical abortion convention'

The abortion issue has taken center stage in the race for the White House as Obama and Mitt Romney compete for the votes of undecided women.

For weeks, Republicans and Democrats have exchanged blows over their official stances on the issue. The GOP platform would ban abortion in all cases, while Democrats' would allow it in all cases.

Abortion also played a prominent role in the Democratic convention with speeches from leaders at NARAL Pro-Choice America and Planned Parenthood Action Fund (PPAF).

PPAF President Cecile Richards said it is like "waking up in a bad episode of 'Mad Men' " to hear GOP leaders rail against her group, which provides preventive healthcare and abortion services.

"When Mitt Romney says he'll 'get rid of' Planned Parenthood, and turn the clock back on a century of progress, it has real consequences for the 3 million patients who depended on Planned Parenthood last year," Richards told the Charlotte crowd.

Yoest countered, saying the speaking slots rewarded "the most powerful, pro-abortion lobbyists in Washington, D.C." and proved that Obama is "the most pro-abortion president in history."

"Cecile Richards is telling the American people she 'spoke for you and with you' at President Obama's radical abortion convention," Yoest wrote to supporters.

"We must act right now to stop ... Planned Parenthood, and pro-abortion radicals from their agenda to receive taxpayer money for abortion by securing President Obama a second term."

Planned Parenthood is a particular target for congressional Republicans who want to end its public funding over the abortions it provides. Federal law prohibits public dollars from paying for the procedures.