DNC hits Romney on pre-existing conditions

Romney has said he would repeal "ObamaCare" and reinstate the policy requiring insurance companies to cover everyone with a pre-existing condition. But his campaign has repeatedly clarified that he would only ensure coverage to people with pre-existing conditions who have not had a gap in their coverage.

That protection is similar to one that existed in federal law well before the administration's Affordable Care Act, and it doesn't account for people who have a pre-existing condition and haven't been continuously insured — for example, those who lost their insurance coverage when they lost their job.

The Affordable Care Act requires insurers to cover everyone with a pre-existing condition — even if they've had a gap in their coverage.

About 89 million people experienced a gap in their insurance coverage between 2004 and 2007, according to the liberal Commonwealth Fund — meaning they wouldn't be guaranteed coverage under Romney's proposal.

In response to the video, the Romney campaign said the states should decide how to handle people with pre-existing conditions and gaps in coverage.

"States will have the flexibility and resources to design programs specific to the needs of those who cannot afford coverage on their own. States face very different challenges and circumstances, and will do a better job providing for their citizens than the federal government can," Policy Director Lanhee Chen said in a statement.

— This post was updated at 6 p.m.