Planned Parenthood targets Romney with swing-state radio ad

The latest ads hit Romney for opposing Roe v. Wade and federal funding for Planned Parenthood, which provides healthcare to low-income women through Medicaid.

"Mitt Romney will put critical healthcare for women and families at risk and will let politicians interfere in your most private, personal medical decisions," the new radio ad states in voiceover. "President Obama trusts women and knows the health care challenges families face." 

In response, Romney spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg said "misleading political attacks will not change President Obama’s failed record."

"[Obama's] policies have made it harder for women across the country to start businesses, get good jobs, or see their children able to go to college and get started with their lives. Mitt Romney will lead us to a real recovery so that women – and all Americans – can succeed and live the American Dream," Henneberg said in a statement.

Competition for women voters has heated up since Romney's strong performance in the first presidential debate. A much-touted USA Today/Gallup poll found Romney nearly tied with Obama among likely female swing-state voters Monday.

Obama pollster Joel Benenson responded by raising questions about Gallup's methods, and by citing other polls showing that Obama leads Romney among swing-state women.

Planned Parenthood's political wing has organized its largest-ever political effort this election cycle against Romney, spending about $5.7 million total. On the other side of the debate, the Susan B. Anthony List and its affiliated groups have spent about $1 million arguing that Obama is an extremist on abortion.

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