RNC launches new 'ObamaCare' ad in Ohio

The new ad is airing in Ohio, where polls still narrowly favor Obama. Mitt Romney has a much harder path to victory if he can't peel away Ohio's 18 electoral votes, and both campaigns are pouring time and resources into the state as the race enters its final two weeks.

There is reason to believe the president's healthcare law could be a liability in the state, in addition to its poor approval ratings nationwide.

Ohio voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure last year opposing the health law's individual mandate. The issue was on the ballot on the same night as a high-profile measure making it easier for public employees to unionize.

That issue galvanized labor groups, and their victory was seen as a strong sign of Democratic strength in the state — but even with such high Democratic turnout, voters overwhelmingly rejected a central piece of Obama's healthcare law.