Fred Thompson cuts robocall against Obama on abortion

"The pro-life issue is a winner, and pro-life voters are capable of securing victory in close elections. It would be a mistake to trivialize the importance of this voting bloc," Dannenfelser said.

Conservatives in 12 swing states will receive Thompson's call, according to the SBA List.

"I want to take just a few seconds to ask for your vote ... not for me, but for thousands and thousands of children who have not yet been born. The fact is that Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaTrump taps vocal anti-illegal immigration advocate for State Dept's top refugee job The federal judiciary needs more Latino judges Obama plans to use Netflix deal to stop political divisiveness MORE is the most pro-abortion president we’ve ever had. If he is re-elected, more and more babies will never be born," Thompson says, according to a partial script of the message.

The SBA List also launched an anti-Obama robocall aimed at one million Hispanic voters, the group announced Friday.

That message features Mexican singer and actor Eduardo Verastegui and is sponsored in part by the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles.

"President Obama and his friends in Congress say they care about Latinos, but then why are they attacking our values: life, family and faith?" Verastegui says. "That's why we need Romney in the White House."

As of mid-October, the SBA List had spent just over $1 million on television advertising against Obama. One commercial highlighted his opposition as a state senator to an Illinois bill that sought to create legal protections for aborted fetuses that show signs of life. Obama has defended his vote, saying the measure would have hurt doctors and undermined Roe v. Wade.

Abortion-rights opponents have also blasted Obama for backing federal funds for Planned Parenthood as a healthcare provider. While federal law prohibits taxpayer dollars from going to abortions, conservatives argue that subsidizing Planned Parenthood's healthcare services allows the group to further subsidize abortions.

Obama supports abortion rights and argues that they are necessary for women's equality. Planned Parenthood's political wing has spent millions supporting his reelection by denouncing Romney.

"Women’s health is truly on the ballot this year and what we’re hearing from women across the country is that they have serious concerns about Mitt Romney’s dangerous agenda to end safe and legal abortion and end funding for Planned Parenthood preventive health services,” said Dawn Laguens, executive vice president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund, in a statement Wednesday.