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Hospitals push Medicaid: Nixon's announcement came just a day after the Missouri Hospital Association reiterated its support for the Medicaid expansion.

"Medicaid expansion will improve the health of the state and significantly boost the state’s economy,” the group said in a statement Wednesday. “It is a win-win for Missouri."

The hospitals' push underscores that decisions about Medicaid and state exchanges aren't just political. Hospitals very much want to see the states expand Medicaid, and just about every healthcare industry group would prefer state-run insurance exchanges to a federally run fallback. But Republican governors face competing pressures from national conservatives who are looking for the next way to undermine a healthcare law they deeply oppose.

Secret reasoning: There's a fight brewing in Oklahoma over whether Gov. Mary Fallin (R-Okla.) should have to release documents about her decision not to implement a state-based exchange. Her office has denied Freedom of Information Act requests from multiple media outlets, saying she doesn't have to produce records that come from internal deliberations. But a professor at Oklahoma State University says the state constitution doesn't afford her such protection, and the documents should be made public. More details are here.

Recalcitrant cancers: A bipartisan cancer research bill is likely to pass as part of the Senate's defense bill after it was added as amendment Thursday evening. The Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act mandates that federal officials create research frameworks for "recalcitrant" cancers such as lung and pancreatic cancer, which have five-year survival rates of less than 50 percent. The addition of the bill as an amendment signals that the cancer bill's nearly six-year saga could be drawing to a close. Read more about the measure at Healthwatch. 

Revolving door: Rep. Jason Altmire (D-Pa.), who is on his way out of Congress after losing a primary earlier this year, is taking a K Street post for the nation's largest insurer. Altmire plans to join Florida's arm of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association as senior vice president of public policy, government and community affairs. Healthwatch has the details on Altmire's new gig.

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