Poll: Overwhelming support for cancer 'moonshot' funding

Poll: Overwhelming support for cancer 'moonshot' funding
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Nearly nine in 10 Americans support an increase of 20 percent or more in federal funding for cancer research, according to a poll released Friday.

More people believe cancer is the nation’s biggest health threat, according to polling by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health/STAT.

About 47 percent of people say cancer is the most serious disease or health condition facing Americans — even though it kills fewer people than heart disease each year. Only 11 percent of people said heart disease was the top threat, followed by 8 percent of people who said diabetes.  

The overwhelming support for research funding was present in both political parties, a trend that researchers called "a rarity in an era of staunch partisan polarization that often centers on the federal budget and government expenditures." 

The vast majority of people also believe cancer treatments are becoming more successful compared to 10 years ago, a total of 67 percent.

The overwhelming support for more cancer funding could provide momentum for Vice President Biden’s “moonshot” bid to cure cancer, which was formally announced during this year’s State of the Union address.

That cancer “moonshot” calls for 20 percent more funding in an attempt to “make a decade worth of advances in five years,” Biden said in January.