Study says Obama law will reshape health industry in 2013

But the healthcare law will drive most changes in 2013 thanks to its insurance exchanges, medical-device tax and delivery reforms, the study said.

"By this time next year, the major provisions of the health reform law will be in effect, and the health industry has a lot of work to do before then," said Kelly Barnes, U.S. Health Industries Leader with PwC, in a statement. "It’s now a foot race to 2014."

PwC named states' role in implementing or refusing to implement the Affordable Care Act as this year's top industry issue, with information technology as the "biggest challenge" for officials moving ahead with exchanges or the law's Medicaid expansion.

"Many states are overhauling their existing Medicaid eligibility systems and designing an exchange infrastructure to create a single, seamless entry point. Even states not expanding Medicaid or running their own exchanges must conduct significant upgrades to existing systems," study authors wrote.

Wednesday's study was produced by PwC's Health Research Institute. The group polled 1,000 consumers for the report.