HHS's Angoff joins law firm

He served in that role for about a year, but has assumed a much lower profile since 2011, when he became an adviser to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen SebeliusKathleen SebeliusMr. President, let markets help save Medicare IRS Tax Day glitch exposes antiquated tech infrastructure Trump administration's reforms could make welfare work again MORE, and then an HHS regional director.

Angoff worked at Mehri & Skalet before joining HHS. He was also Missouri's insurance commissioner.

“Working at HHS has been immensely rewarding, and I’m pleased with the progress that has been made in implementing the Affordable Care Act,” Angoff said in a statement. “I look forward to returning to Mehri & Skalet to help make sure the law is enforced. The Affordable Care Act has given health insurance policyholders new rights, and will give them even more in 2014; it is critical that we defend those newfound rights.”