Idaho lawmaker compares insurance exchange to Holocaust

Nuxoll said the government is "replacing capitalism with socialism" and will eventually "pull the trigger" and kill private insurers.

The Affordable Care Act is estimated to add about 15 million people to the rolls of private insurance.

"The insurance companies are creating their own tombs," Nuxoll said. "Much like the Jews boarding the trains to concentration camps, private insurers are used by the feds to put the system in place because the federal government has no way to set up the exchange."

She defended the statement to the Spokesman-Review, saying she doesn't believe the insurance industry is aware of what's happening to it.

“I felt badly for the Jews – it wasn’t just Jews, but Jews, and Christians, and Catholics, and priests. My thing was they didn’t know what was going on. The insurance companies are not realizing what’s going to end up in their demise," she told the newspaper.