McConnell: Dems need to admit ObamaCare 'flaws'

"They need to be as loud in outlining its consequences as they were in touting its purported benefits."

Republicans have renewed their focus on healthcare reform in the last several weeks as a number of top Democrats — including President Obama — acknowledge that the law's rollout won't be perfect.

In a press conference Tuesday, Obama said he expects "glitches and bumps" over the next six months as the Affordable Care Act's major provisions take effect.

He added that most people, especially those with employer-based insurance, need not worry because "the part of ObamaCare that affects you is already in place."

McConnell slammed this line as "misleading."

"The president may believe that support for Obamacare will fall further if Americans learn more about it. And he's right. But that's no excuse to avoid the responsibility that comes with preparing the public," McConnell wrote.

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