Sebelius touts ObamaCare benefits for graduates

The post also noted the law's free coverage of preventive care, its ban on discrimination against pre-existing conditions, and its creation of new insurance exchanges.

Some of these policies have taken effect. Others will be enacted on Jan. 1, 2014.
The individual mandate to buy health coverage is expected to bring younger, healthier people into the new insurance exchanges, spreading risk and lowering prices. But young people must enroll for the pools to function as designed.

Debate is raging on Capitol Hill about how healthcare reform will impact the cost of health insurance premiums, particularly those for young adults.

The law requires that a senior's premiums be no more expensive than three times the cost of a younger person's premium.

Critics say this will cause costs to spike for young, healthier people. Supporters say this prediction is overblown and note that many young adults will be eligible for tax credits to help them buy insurance if they do not receive it through an employer.

The Obama administration and other groups are launching campaigns this summer to educate the uninsured about their new coverage options. Some of those efforts are expected to target younger people.