Report: ObamaCare call centers expect 42 million calls

The company is expecting 42 million calls this year, for a daily average that could reach 200,000 — far more than the average of 60,000 calls it fields each day on Medicare, the Post said.

Vangent will only handle call centers for exchanges run by the federal government. Thirty-four states declined to set up their own insurance exchanges, leaving all or part of the task to the federal government.

Every state's exchange is supposed to be open for business on Oct. 1, to begin enrolling people in coverage that would begin Jan. 1.

Customer service will be a huge part of getting the implementation right. 

The administration and its allies are planning a massive outreach campaign this summer to encourage people to enroll in the law's new coverage options. They will also need a large support apparatus to help people navigate their options and overcome deep misunderstandings about the law.

Polls consistently show that people do not understand how the healthcare law will work, and understanding is lowest among the people most likely to benefit. Misunderstandings of what is or isn't in the law have also persisted.