OVERNIGHT HEALTH: GOP doubles down on Sebelius fundraising calls

Healthwatch has more about the letter.

'Dirty work': Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) urged the NBA and the NFL not to do the administration's "dirty work" this week as Sebelius announced she might partner with sports affiliates to promote ObamaCare. In a letter to the NFL and NBA commissioners on Thursday, Scalise argued that sports affiliates should not promote healthcare reform because it could negatively affect the economy and the healthcare system.

The Obama administration is pulling out all the stops ahead of Oct. 1, when enrollment begins in the new insurance exchanges. Sebelius announced on Monday that she's seeking sports partnerships, and the White House is also in talks with Hollywood stars about helping educate the public about their new healthcare benefits.

Read more about Scalise's letter at Healthwatch.

Win for Hobby Lobby: The chain of arts-and-crafts stores won a procedural ruling from a federal appeals court that makes it more likely to gain a temporary exemption from ObamaCare's contraception mandate. The appeals court said a lower court was wrong on some counts when it denied Hobby Lobby's request for a temporary injunction that would shield it from the mandate while its legal challenge progresses. Healthwatch has the story.

Friday schedule

The House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on Health will hold a hearing on improving Medicare Part B. 

State by state

New budget expands healthcare in Calif.

Mass. data suggests states may see large Medicaid 'welcome mat' effect

Snyder admits a vote on Medicaid next week is unlikely

Lobbying registrations

Ashcroft Group / Share Our Strength

Burton Kamins Advocacy / Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

Reading list

The New York Times reminds us that healthcare is very expensive.

The Fiscal Times says millennials are ObamaCare's "last hope."

California Healthline breaks down what's changed in the year since the Supreme Court upheld President Obama's healthcare law.

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