Tea Party group slams vulnerable Democrats on ObamaCare votes

Senate hopeful Bruce Braley (D-Iowa) voted to delay the employer mandate but not the individual mandate.

Other Democratic members, like Reps. Kyrsten Sinema (Ariz.) and Pete Gallego (Texas), voted to delay both policies.

Americans for Prosperity jumped on these votes to argue that Democrats should support ending ObamaCare "for good."

They charged that some Democrats want to "keep healthcare penalties that the president wants to stop" by voting against the GOP bill to delay the employer mandate.

The employer mandate policy has been deferred by the administration for one year in what they said was a gesture of flexibility toward business. Republicans say the delay was a ploy to avoid the unpopular rule taking effect in an election year.

—This post was corrected to reflect that AFP is a nonprofit group, not a super-PAC.