HHS: Seniors have saved $7 billion on drugs thanks to ObamaCare

The healthcare law gradually closes the Medicare "doughnut hole," which required seniors to pay for their drugs out-of-pocket after they had spent a certain amount in one year. 

The law also added new benefits for preventive care, and 16.5 million seniors have used at least one of those services since the law took effect.

“Medicare is much stronger as a result of the healthcare law,” said HHS Secretary Kathleen SebeliusKathleen SebeliusSebelius on GOP healthcare plan: 'I'm not sure what the goal is here' Obama's health secretary to be first female president of American University Leaked email: Podesta pushed Tom Steyer for Obama’s Cabinet MORE. “Spending has slowed to historic levels as seniors are enjoying enhanced benefits and greater savings on drugs.”

Medicare's trustees have said the healthcare law's cuts in Medicare payments to certain healthcare providers extended the solvency of the program's trust fund.