Judge blocks North Dakota abortion law

The Center for Reproductive Rights filed a lawsuit earlier this year on behalf of the Red River Woman's Clinic in Fargo, charging that the law is unconstitutional. The Center alleges that the clinic does not believe its physicians will be granted admitting privileges at any of the hospitals in the region, forcing it to close.

Supporters of the law though say it is necessary to protect the safety of women and argue that the restrictions are not onerous. 

A state judge on Wednesday granted a temporary injunction blocking North Dakota officials from enforcing the law, while he weighs its constitutionality.

The Center also filed a federal lawsuit against the two other laws signed in March, one banning abortion after about six weeks of pregnancy, and another barring genetic and gender discrimination in abortions.

The six-week abortion ban is considered one of the strictest in the nation. Its passage sparked outrage among abortion-rights supporters, who have charged that Republicans are undermining access to healthcare for women. 

A federal judge on July 22 blocked the ban from taking effect, calling it “clearly” unconstitutional.