Biden raises funds for Dems off ObamaCare shutdown threat

The Democratic Party is raising funds off a conservative threat to shut down the government in an effort to defund ObamaCare.

Vice President Biden, in an email to supporters Wednesday, called the GOP strategy "unprecedented in my lifetime."

"I've never seen anything quite like this," Biden wrote on behalf of the Democratic National Committee.

"Not only are they still trying to get rid of healthcare reform, they're willing to use the entire federal government as a bargaining chip to get it done."

The shutdown threat was conceived by Sen. Mike LeeMike LeeTrouble draining the swamp? Try returning power to the states Congress must act to protect data privacy before courts make surveillance even easier Five tough decisions for the GOP on healthcare MORE (R-Utah) and has support from preeminent conservative and Tea Party groups and lawmakers, who are trying to rally support behind the plan this month.

Lawmakers backing the plan have promised not to support any government funding bill that includes money for ObamaCare. Stalling the measure could induce a stalemate between congressional Republicans and the White House, with a government shutdown after Sept. 30 if neither side gives in.

Establishment Republicans and GOP governors have strongly criticized the plan, saying it will backfire on the party.

Obama will never agree to defund his signature legislative achievement, they say, which would put the blame for a shutdown on Republicans.

Lee is also fundraising off the threat, asking for money so that he can "keep pressuring my fellow legislators to defund ObamaCare before it is too late."