GOP bill targets ObamaCare fix for lawmakers, staff

The contribution is generous, totaling upwards of 75 percent of workers' healthcare premiums.

Conservatives like DeSantis argue this system should not continue in ObamaCare's exchanges because the law intended for Capitol Hill to experience the marketplaces as other enrollees will.

In a statement, the Florida Republican called it "patently unfair … to grant special relief to members of the governing class while leaving the rest of America to bear the costs."

"The Obama administration cannot override the law and grant special subsidies to members of Congress and their staffs," DeSantis said.

Supporters of the employer contribution argue that it will prevent a severe brain drain from Capitol Hill over healthcare costs.

The marketplaces are designed to provide insurance options for people who do not receive coverage through their jobs.

In that regard, lawmakers and staffers will be a unique population within the system.

The Office of Personnel Management recently issued guidance allowing their employer contribution to continue, drawing criticism from some Republicans.

Lawmakers and staff will not be eligible for ObamaCare's premium tax subsidies, which will be available to people at certain income levels.

DeSantis's bill is titled the "James Madison Congressional Accountability Act."