Carney would 'absolutely' enroll in health exchanges if he didn't have insurance

White House press secretary Jay Carney said he would “absolutely” enroll in the ObamaCare insurance exchanges — if he didn't already have coverage.

Carney was asked if he would sign up for the coverage by Fox News reporter Ed Henry.

The question was prompted by Carney’s touting of a new Department of Health and Human Services report that showed premiums on the ObamaCare insurance exchanges set to open at the end of the month were lower than had been projected.

Carney said he would gladly sign up “if, I in a future life don't have employer [provided insurance].” “Absolutely,” Carney continued. “If I did not have employer provided health insurance, like I'm sure you do, unless there’s something about Fox I don't know, then I would absolutely enroll and it would be more affordable.”

The White House is in the midst of a communications blitz intended to raise public awareness about the ObamaCare insurance exchanges.

On Tuesday, President Obama and former President Clinton touted advantages of the law at an event in New York City. On Thursday, Obama will travel to Maryland for an event promoting the insurance exchanges.