Anti-ObamaCare push could alienate Hispanics, Obama official says

An Obama administration official suggested Wednesday that Hispanics "don't want … these threats to continue."

"The favorability for the law [among Hispanics] is high. Why? Because people are really, really interested in making sure they're covered," the official told reporters on a conference call.

About 10.2 million Hispanics will have access to healthcare coverage on ObamaCare's exchanges beginning Jan. 1, according to the administration.

Polls have found that Hispanics strongly favor the law. They also strongly favor Democrats, leading some in the GOP to warn that their party risks failure unless it can attract greater Hispanic support. 

Republicans argue that the healthcare law is unworkable and will do more to harm vulnerable communities than help them.

The administration and its allies hoping to enroll millions of people in the new insurance marketplaces over the next six months. This effort will involve extensive public outreach geared toward Hispanics through a variety of community partnerships.

President Obama is pitching in on Thursday with a speech in Maryland about the Affordable Care Act. The White House said Obama would cast the law's benefits in practical terms for people disinterested in political squabbling.

"Most people don't view healthcare through the lens of Republican or Democrat," the official said.

"What they really want to know is … what kind of coverage can I get, and what is it going to cost me? The president is going to really lay that out tomorrow."

The administration emphasized that coverage will be affordable on the new exchanges.

The official quoted the expected price for a low-cost "bronze" plan to be $26 per month for a family of four in Dallas with a $50,000 annual salary. 

The White House also repeated that a possible government shutdown would not hamper the enrollment period that begins Oct. 1. 

"We are full steam ahead," the official said. "The ACA is going forward along with the enrollment period. Period."