Michelle Obama: ObamaCare good for veterans

The new insurance marketplaces open for enrollment on Tuesday and the administration has been touting the benefits of the law as polls show confusion about it.

The first lady says that 1.3 million uninsured veterans and nearly 1 million uninsured family members of veterans will get coverage starting Tuesday.

"If you are a veteran who isn't eligible for VA coverage, or if you're an uninsured family member of a veteran, starting October 1st, you and your family can get coverage that fits your needs and your budget — no matter how much money you make — through the Health Insurance Marketplace at HealthCare.gov," she writes.

She also encourages veterans to spread the word.

"Once you get yourself signed up for insurance, make sure everyone you know gets signed up, too. Talk to your friends, your cousins, your neighbors, and especially the young people in your lives. Send them to those websites, and bug them until they sign up, because everyone in this country — especially families like yours who have given us so much — deserves the security of knowing that you'll have health care when you need it."