Obama: 'There are gonna be problems' with ObamaCare rollout

Obama said that in Massachusetts, it took "several months" before problems were ironed out. But, Obama said, those who wished to purchase insurance on the ObamaCare exchanges had six months to do so.

The president also said early stumbles were normal for any big government program.

"The same was true with Medicare and Social Security and every other social program that we've set up, the Children's Health Insurance Program," he said.

But, the president said, he remained confident that the deals offered on the exchange would keep the program from being deemed a failure despite early problems.

"I am very confident that, despite some glitches — there may be some websites that, you know, crash early, there may be some call centers where it's taking a little bit too long — that despite all that, the basic prices that are gonna be available to people and the choices that are gonna be available to people provide us for the first time the possibility, the prospect that any American out there who does not currently have health insurance can get high- quality health insurance," Obama said.

Obama's interview was taped Monday before the launch of the exchanges, but his prophecy came to pass. There were widespread reports of users struggling to use the online portal to purchase health insurance on Tuesday, with many state exchanges citing heavy traffic as the reason for their technical difficulties. 

The Twitter feed for HealthCare.gov — the central portal for the exchanges — reported issues Tuesday morning.

"We apologize that wait times on the site and hotline are longer than expected," the feed read. "We're working to fix these issues as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience."