Pew: Consumers taking notice of bumpy ObamaCare launch

According the survey, 46 percent say the online exchanges are not working well, against only 29 percent who say they’re working well. Most of those surveyed had not visited the online portal, the study found, with only 14 percent saying they’d personally checked out the site.

Unhappiness with the online healthcare exchanges spikes among those who have actually logged on or tried to log on – 56 percent say the exchanges aren’t working well, while 37 percent said they work well.

ObamaCare’s online enrollment system has struggled with tech issues since going live earlier this month. Many potential customers have been unable to register or log in, and the administration has had to bring in an army of experts to address the problems.

Still, the White House push to inform the public about the law seems to be working. Sixty-five percent said they knew the exchanges were available in their state. In the same study from last September, only 51 percent said the same.

The Pew survey of 1,504 adults was conducted between Oct. 9 and Oct. 13 and has a 2.9-percentage point margin of error.