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“We are doing everything we can possibly do to get the websites working better, faster, sooner,” the president said. “No one is madder than me that the website isn't working as it should — which means it's going to get fixed.”

Justin Sink at The Hill reports.

Individual mandate in play? White House press secretary Jay Carney hedged Monday on whether ObamaCare’s individual mandate could be delayed because of problems with the healthcare law’s enrollment website. Carney did not directly say the individual mandate could be delayed, but he did say that if people could not get access to ObamaCare, they would not be penalized.

There are other options available to the administration if the online exchanges experience further delays. Read about them at HealthWatch.

BREAKING: Ohio approved ObamaCare's Medicaid expansion Monday after a legislative board voted 5-2 in favor of the policy. The decision will bring billions of dollars to the state in order to expand coverage to an estimated 300,000 Ohioans. The move won't be without opposition, however — a libertarian law center has already vowed to sue.

Consumer Reports pans healthcare website: The influential publication that reviews consumer products has a stark warning for those seeking healthcare through Healthcare.Gov: Stay away. In a blog post advising consumers on how to navigate around some of the most common issues, Consumer Reports concluded that it's not even worth attempting to use the online portal until the fixes are in. That could be months away.

Jonathan Easley at The Hill has the story.

Some good news for ObamaCare: A Washington Post/ABC News poll released on Monday shows public support for the Affordable Care Act is still underwater but edging closer to an even split. The poll indicates that Republicans are still suffering politically from the government shutdown. Public opinion surveys conducted this month show the GOP has been battered for provoking the shutdown over ObamaCare, and the Washington Post/ABC News survey is the latest to show support for the law rising despite the myriad issues that have plagued the rollout.

Read more at Healthwatch.

A useful metaphor? A beneficiary of President Obama's signature healthcare law standing behind the president during his speech Monday in the Rose Garden nearly fainted toward the end of his remarks. She kept her balance with the support of those nearby.

See how President Obama reacted at Healthwatch.

State by state

Idaho lawmakers question no-bid healthcare exchange contract to one of their own.

Kathleen SebeliusKathleen SebeliusPro-dependency advocates miss the mark in attacking Kansas welfare reform Pence breaks tie to confirm Trump's pick for religious ambassador The House needs to help patients from being victimized by antiquated technology MORE penned this defense of the healthcare law for Kansans on Monday.

Michigan Medicaid expansion delay may mean less for roads, more taxes.

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States sign up thousands while healthcare.gov stumbles.

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