Stolen truck carrying 'dangerous' radioactive material found in Mexico

A truck carrying “extremely dangerous” radioactive material was reported stolen in Mexico Wednesday, according to nuclear watchdog International Atomic Energy Agency

Mexico told the IAEA the truck was carrying cobalt-60 teletherapy from a Tijuana hospital to a radioactive waste storage unit. The material is used in medical treatments.

The truck was found Wednesday, according to NBC News, which reports it’s unclear if the material was still in it. The truck was first stolen Monday in a town near Mexico City, the IAEA said.

BBC News reports the material has been found. 

When it was stolen, the radioactive material was properly shielded, the report says. The material, however, could become “extremely dangerous” to people if the shielding is removed or if it is damaged. 

Mexican officials have been searching for the radioactive material.

U.S. officials, NBC News reports, said there was no reason to believe the truck was stolen for a terrorist or criminal purpose. 

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