Germany's Merkel invited to DC following NSA tension

President Obama invited German Chancellor Angela Merkel to visit Washington in the coming months during a phone call Wednesday.

Merkel broke her pelvis in a cross-country skiing accident earlier this week, and Obama wished her well.

“The President spoke to Chancellor Merkel today to wish her a speedy recovery following her injury and to congratulate her on the formation of her new cabinet,” the White House said in a statement. 

Merkel began her third term in December, and is in the process of announcing new appointments.

On Wednesday, the two leaders discussed upcoming negotiations this year through the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership and the NATO summit.

“The President also extended an invitation to the Chancellor to visit Washington at a mutually agreeable time in the coming months.”

Obama’s relationship with Merkel took a wrong turn in October when documents leaked by Edward Snowden revealed the National Security Agency had monitored the German leader’s communications.

Merkel immediately expressed outrage over the revelations, which came on the heels of other reports suggesting the U.S. had also spied on communications of foreign citizens in France.

After the news surfaced, Obama reassured Merkel at the time that the U.S. is not and will not tap her phone calls. White House spokesman Jay Carney dodged questions from reporters, however, asking whether the U.S. had spied on her previously.