Ukraine president calls for early elections

The Ukrainian President on Friday announced a deal to bring opposition members into the government, hold an early presidential election and trim presidential power after one of the deadliest days of protest in the country, according to multiple reports.

President Viktor Yanukovych made the announcement after meeting with opposition leaders as well as representatives for Russia, Germany, Poland and France, according to The New York Times

The Associated Press reported opposition leaders had signed the agreement Friday, but it is unclear if all protesters would comply with it. A number of agreements in the past have broken down before.

The agreement would schedule presidential elections for December, restore presidential limits and would begin a coalition government in the next 10 days, according to The Associated Press, which was provided a copy by Germany. 

The agreement also calls for the end of violence, for protests to end and protesters to hand over their weapons. In exchange, the government will not declare a state of emergency, according to the report. 

"As the president of Ukraine and the guarantor of the Constitution, today I am fulfilling my duty before the people, before Ukraine and before God in the name of saving the nation, in the name of preserving people's lives, in the name of peace and calm of our land," the president said in a statement, according to AP. 

The announcement came after up to 100 protesters had been killed the day before, when riot police used automatic weapons to disperse the crowds. Ukrainian authorities in the country pegged that number lower at 39 deaths. 

The White House has promised to hold the Ukrainian government accountable for the bloodshed and has expressed outrage in the last few days. Vice President Biden has held a number of calls with Yanukovych in the past week.  

The State Department recently announced a visa ban on 20 officials in the country and a freeze on their assets. And members of Congress have begun drawing up more targeted sanctions for when they return next week. 

— Updated 10:15 a.m.