Chinese leader urges restraint on Ukraine in call with Obama

Chinese President Xi Jinping urged all parties to exercise restraint in the unfolding Ukraine crisis during a Sunday night call with President Obama.

The Xinhua news service reported that Xi told Obama it is “very important for all parties concerned to remain calm and exercise restraint.”

Obama told Xi that he hoped the standoff in Ukraine could be resolved without “foreign interference,” according to a White House readout of the call.

The two spoke on the phone Sunday night about the ongoing tension in Ukraine and vowed to stay in touch as events unfold.

The two also agreed on the importance of sovereignty in Ukraine.

“They affirmed their shared interest in reducing tensions and identifying a peaceful resolution to the dispute between Russia and Ukraine,” the readout said. 

Obama emphasized the administration's goal of having a resolution brokered without foreign interference. 

“The president noted his overriding objective of restoring Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and ensuring the Ukrainian people are able to determine their own future without foreign interference,” the White House said.

Xinhua also reported Obama expressed condolences for passengers aboard the missing Malaysia jetliner, which had been on route to Beijing, when it lost radio contact on Saturday.