S. Korea investigating crashed drone


An unmanned drone that crashed on an island in South Korea is raising concerns that the aircraft could be from North Korea.

South Korea is investigating whether the drone came from the north, a defense ministry official said, according to Reuters

The drone fell on Baengnyeong island on Monday afternoon during an exchange of artillery fire between North and South Korea.

A military official told Reuters that South Korea is looking into the drone’s origins and whether it’s connected to North Korea’s intelligence operations.

Images of the drone were broadcast on a cable news network. It is not believed to be capable of executing air strikes or long-range surveillance flights, Reuters reported. 

The drone crashed as North and South Korea fired hundreds of artillery rounds at each other in the Yellow Sea’s waters on Monday. The situation did not appear to escalate beyond that. 

North Korea initiated the confrontation, and South Korea responded.  

No shells were reportedly fired on land or near military installations.