N. Korea conducts live fire drills along border


Just days after President Obama warned Pyongyang against further “provocations,” North Korea on Tuesday conducted live fire drills along its border with South Korea. 

None of the rounds landed south of the border, a South Korean military official told Reuters. The firing began in the mid-afternoon. 

North Korea warned South Korea in advance that it would conduct the exercise near populated South Korean islands, the report said. 

Similar drills were conducted last month, when North Korea fired more than 500 artillery rounds near the Northern Limit Line, a disputed maritime border with South Korea.

South Korea fired hundreds of rounds back at North Korea after 100 rounds landed south of the border.

North Korea, meanwhile, has said it would launch a new nuclear test, which Obama said could provoke further isolation from the West and additional sanctions. 

Obama on Tuesday heads back to Washington from his overseas trip to Asia, which included a stop in South Korea.

“The North Korea situation is of direct concern to us, not only because it threatens our key allies in the region — the Republic of Korea and Japan — but because it poses a direct threat to us,” Obama said at a joint news conference with South Korean President Park Geun-hye last Friday.

“Threats will get North Korea nothing other than greater isolation.”