Biden pledges $48M in aid to Ukraine

The U.S. is giving an additional $48 million to the new Ukrainian government to bolster its economy, the White House announced Saturday.

The additional funds will help fight corruption, bolster energy security and strengthen its State Border Guard Service.

Vice President Biden announced the pledge during a trip to Kiev for the inauguration of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

“Pending consultation with the U.S. Congress, this assistance will follow the $1 billion loan guarantee signed on April 14, a $50 million crisis-response package announced by Vice President Biden on April 21, and $23 million in security assistance announced to date,” the administration said in a statement. “When added to previously budgeted funds, the United States is providing over $184 million in assistance to Ukraine this year in addition to the loan guarantee.”

Ukraine is still in a state of civil war as pro-Russian militias in the east are fighting to break away from the country. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered increased security along the Ukrainian border Saturday after Porochenko’s swearing-in.

Besides Ukraine, the U.S. is also giving similar aid to other pro-Western countries along Russia’s borders, including $8 million to Moldova and $5 million to Georgia.

The announcement comes a day after President Obama pressed Putin to recognize the new Ukrainian government.