Poll: Most disapprove of Obama foreign relations

Fifty-five percent of people disapprove of President Obama's handling of U.S relationships with other countries, according to a new poll. 

The Associated Press-GFK poll released Friday found only 43 percent of people approve of his management of relationships around the world. That number has slid 6 points since January and mirrors his overall approval rating of 40 percent. 

However, his approval rating on maintaining relationships around the world hit its lowest point in March, when Russia annexed Crimea, a region in Ukraine. 

Obama's approval rating on a number of international issues that have dominated headlines stands in the high 30s or low 40s. 

Only 37 percent approve of his handling of the conflict between Israel and Hamas. On Thursday, Secretary of John Kerry announced a three-day cease-fire between the two sides, but that quickly broke down hours after going into effect Friday. 

In Afghanistan, where all but 9,800 U.S. soldiers are expected to leave the country by the end of the year, 38 percent approve of Obama's performance — a drop of 7 points since January. 

Forty-one percent approve of Obama's handling of the situation in Ukraine, where the United States and European leaders recently imposed a number of harsher sanctions on Russia for its continued support of separatists in the east. 

The same amount approve of Obama's handling of the situation in Iraq. 

The online poll surveyed 1,044 people from July 24-28 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.4 percent.