Biden faults Bush for Iran's nuclear progress

White House spokesman Jay Carney was equally feisty during Tuesday's press briefing.

“We have pursued a policy approach that has effectively isolated Iran and united the world in identifying Iran’s behavior as the problem. And we have, through sanctions, made clear to the Iranians that there’s a high price to pay for their refusal to abide by their international obligations.”

The remarks come as the Obama administration is ramping up its response to Republican attacks against its Iran policy and its support for Israel. While GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has called Iran's progress toward gaining nuclear weapons President Obama's “greatest failing,” Biden last month said Obama “has a big stick” and was committed to preventing a nuclear Tehran.

Tuesday's comments focused on Iran's increased isolation less than two months before Europe is set to cut off oil imports under a sanctions regime spearheaded by the Obama administration. 

“Because of the president's efforts, Iran is now isolated and the United States is not,” Biden said. 

In his address, Biden went on to call Obama the greatest presidential champion of Israel since Harry Truman became the first world leader to recognize the nation in 1948.

“At every point in our administration, at every juncture, we have stood up on behalf of the legitimacy of Israel,” Biden said. “How many times has the president instructed our ambassador to veto resolutions that were detrimental to Israel?”