Friday's global agenda: Appealing to French solidarity in Afghanistan

Meanwhile, a piece in the journal Foreign Affairs warns that women's rights will be the loser if the United States fails to secure commitments from its Afghan partners after 2014.

Deputy Treasury Secretary Neal Wolin is wrapping up a three-nation tour of West Africa today with meetings with Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the ministers of finance and foreign affairs. Wolin previously visited Togo and Ivory Coast. Here are his remarks about the trip, delivered in Togo.

Syria: Agreement on international action in the war-torn country appears more remote than ever after a massive suicide bombing destroyed Syria's intelligence agency building and killed more than 50 people, The Washington Post reports.

Ukraine: Ukraine canceled a summit for Central and Eastern European leaders planned for today after a string of heads of state refused to attend the event over the treatment in jail of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, London's Telegraph reports.

Iran: Europe wants to renegotiate a provision of the oil embargo, set to start July 1, that bans Europe-based insurers from covering any ships that carry Iranian oil anywhere in the world, The New York Times reports.

Islam: A U.S. military course that was canceled last month recommended “total war” against Islam and the destruction of Mecca, Wired reports.

South China Sea: China escalated its quarrel with the Philippines over an island in the South China Sea on Thursday, The New York Times reports.

Yemen: The United States launched new airstrikes against in Yemen that killed as many as seven militants, the second American missile attack in the country since the CIA and other spy agencies disrupted an al Qaeda airline bomb plot, The Washington Post reports.