Poll of Americans in Israel finds strong Romney support

Some 85 percent of respondents called Romney "friendly" toward Israel, while only 7 percent described his stance as "unfriendly." President Obama, meanwhile, was described as "friendly" by just 63 percent of respondents, while a full third said he harbored "unfriendly" sentiments toward the Jewish state.

Alternatively, 85 percent of American Israelis say the president has a "friendly" disposition toward the Muslim world.

Romney's image is likely burnished by his decades-old friendship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The pair worked together at a consulting firm in Boston decades ago, and Romney has said the men almost speak "in shorthand" with one another.

But a spokesman for Democrats Abroad-Israel cast doubt on the poll's methodology, saying respondents seemed to skew disproportionately toward conservatives.

“This was a poll that apparently questioned most Republican voters, and does not accurately describe true voting preferences. In 2008, the voters polled [now] said that they voted for McCain 2 to 1 over Obama, although the actual vote was 78 percent to 21 in favor of President Obama," Sheldon Schorer told the paper.

“I believe that the upcoming election will show a similar strong showing for the president. Only those people who are irrevocably prejudiced against him will fail to recognize that President Obama has proven himself to be a strong friend of Israel and that Israel would benefit from his reelection.”