Wednesday's global agenda: Geithner calls for global cooperation at Friends of Syria meeting

The House Foreign Affairs Committee is also holding a slew of hearings today:

The Human Rights panel will ramp up the pressure on the State Department to get more involved in the case of an American businessman incarcerated in Bolivia (read the Global Affairs story here); 

The Asia/Pacific panel examines “what's next for the U.S.-Korea alliance?”; and

The Oversight panel investigates “waste, fraud and abuse in Afghanistan.”

Sea to it: The Joint Ocean Commission Initiative will call for Senate passage of the Law of the Sea Treaty in its 2012 U.S. Ocean Policy Report Card to be released today. The report is being released as part of Capitol Hill's Ocean Week.

Not-so-clear skies: The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation holds a hearing on the European Union Emissions Trading System and its impact on U.S. airlines. The ETS program caps greenhouse gas emissions for certain industries.

Rate cut: The European Central Bank isn't expected to make any policy moves when it meets today but could indicate a readiness to cut interest rates as early as next month. [Reuters

Frayed ties: Pakistan summoned U.S. chargé d'affaires Richard Hoagland to complain of continued drone strikes even as the White House confirmed that one had killed al Qadea's No. 2. [The Washington Post]

Trust but verify: U.S. envoy Robert Wood called on Iran to open a military installation to international inspection as International Atomic Energy Agency chief Yukiya Amano expressed hope that Iran would soon sign an agreement to let the agency probe its nuclear research. [The Associated Press]

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