Wednesday's global agenda: Welcome mat for India

In other nominee news, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee holds a hearing today on Obama's choice of ambassadors to Azerbaijan, the Netherlands and Suriname. 

Under the influence: GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is being lobbied hard by former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole (R-Kan.) on behalf of the diplomatic mission of Taiwan to the United States, the Sunlight Foundation reports.

In other news

A coordinated series of attacks struck Shiite Muslims in Baghdad on Wednesday morning, killing at least 50 people. [The New York Times]

Delays are imperiling the mining riches Afghans need after the U.S. pullout. [The Wall Street Journal]

Vehicles that could be used for transporting and launching missiles were reportedly exported to North Korea by a Chinese company in possible violation of United Nations trade restrictions on weapons technology. [Associated Press]

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