Kerry calls for 'red lines' on human rights as part of US military dealings with Persian Gulf allies

The report makes several other recommendations regarding regional challenges beyond the need to balance security interests and the promotion of freedom. The report says the United States should: 

• seek to remain a central part of the Gulf security framework while more clearly articulating its strategic priorities for the broader region amid the ongoing turmoil; 

• work with GCC states to promote economic reform and diversification and increased trade relations to wean them off their dependence on oil exports; 

• preserve the model of ‘‘lily pad’’ bases throughout the Gulf, which permits the rapid escalation of military force in case of emergency while avoiding a popular backlash;

• continue to cultivate the capabilities of GCC partners in select defensive missions, such as missile defense, combat air patrol and maritime security, while avoiding an arms race; 

• Pursue regional arms sales with being “scrupulous in determining which weapons systems to sell” in order to ensure that sales contribute to regional security and do not weaken the position of Israel; support the legitimate defense requirements of Gulf partners; prevent a regional arms race; and protect America's technological superiority; and

• promote the gradual political reintegration of Iraq into the Arab fold.