GOP senator: Obama using ‘scare tactics’ to push Iran deal

GOP senator: Obama using ‘scare tactics’ to push Iran deal

The Iranian nuclear agreement is an “absolute mistake” by the Obama administration, a top Republican said Sunday, adding that the president is using “scare tactics’ to gain approval for it

Sen. John BarrassoJohn Anthony BarrassoWatchdog to probe EPA email preservation Overnight Energy: EPA moves to roll back chemical plant safety rule | NASA chief says humans contribute to climate change | Pruitt gets outside lawyer House lawmakers to unveil water resources bill on Friday MORE (R-Wyo.) suggested President Obama was so “desperate” to strike a deal that he settled for a bad agreement with Iran.

“I think it was an absolute mistake and a concession and almost a surrender by the president to get any deal signed,” Barrasso told Fox News Sunday.

“When you’re so desperate or eager to make a deal, sometimes you make decisions and concessions that should not be made,” he added.

Barrasso pointed to “bipartisan skepticism” among lawmakers. One of his big concerns is that investigators could be kept out for 24 days before inspecting suspected nuclear activity in Iran, which he suggested could give Tehran time to hide any traces of such activity.

He also expressed concerns about ballistic missiles Russia could sell to Iran that "could hit in the neighborhood, but also within striking distance of the United States.”

Barrasso accused the president of employing “scare tactics” to push through what he sees as a bad deal.

"They will get a nuclear weapon,” Barrasso warned. “They will be a nuclear power.”