Thursday's global agenda: Anti-US protests spread

On Capitol Hill: The House Foreign Affairs Committee and its subpanels have a busy day today, with no fewer than four hearings: 

Combating the Haqqani network;

• The UN's role in Iraq

Conditions at Camp Liberty; and

Assessing U.S. policy on African peacekeeping missions

The U.N.'s former human rights chief in Iraq, Tahar Boumedra, is slated to testify at the second hearing. He penned a guest column for The Hill's Global Affairs blog last month slamming the U.N.'s failure to protect Iranian exiles at Camp Ashraf from abuse by Iraqi troops.

And the Senate Foreign Relations Committee holds a nomination hearing on President Obama's picks to be ambassador to Poland and Burundi.

In other news

Egypt may well be the bigger headache for the Obama administration, writes The New York Times.

Three suicide bombers tried to kill Somalia's new president just two days after he took office. [The Washington Post]

The escalating war of words between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Washington is causing concerns in Israel. [The New York Times]

What you might have missed on Global Affairs:

Libya violence irrupts into 2012 race

Clinton blames 'small and savage group' in Libya for killing ambassador

Libyan ambassador to US praises deceased embassy officials

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