Graham doubles down on accusations that Obama purposefully hid the truth about Libya attack

Graham added that the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were tangible evidence that Obama's foreign policy is spiraling out of control. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has made the same point on the campaign trail and during Tuesday night's debate with Obama.

“The best you could say is they took one piece of intelligence and spun it and denied the obvious. But the most likely scenario is that they constructed a scenario where they would be less culpable because if the truth came out that the Benghazi consulate had been attacked in April and June previously, and that the British had to leave Benghazi and the Red Cross was driven out, then that's a different story,” Graham said.

“It's a story about al Qaeda coming back, Libya going south, and it destroys the narrative that by killing bin Laden, al Qaeda's been dismantled. And it also destroys the narrative you can lead from behind in Libya and everything's fine. I hold the president personally accountable for knowing the security situation in the world.”