Carter says chances for Israeli-Palestinian peace 'vanishing' hours before presidential debate

Romney, however, may have a tough time convincing voters he's the man to bring about a peaceful end to a conflict that has simmered since 1948. 

The Republican candidate told an Israeli audience this summer that the “hand of providence” and “culture” were responsible for the “stark difference in economic vitality” between them and Palestinians. And video of a private fundraiser earlier this year shows him saying that “this is going to remain an unsolved problem” because Palestinians are “not wanting to see peace anyway.”

Carter made the comments during a trip to Jerusalem while leading the delegation of "The Elders," which includes other former world leaders. The group met with Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the AP reports, but did not seek a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after having been turned down in the past.