Tuesday's global agenda: Debate post-mortem

So what did the candidates talk about? The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition has a handy word cloud — with the words “world”, “America” and “military” dominating the conversation.

In other news

Russia is holding hearings on America's human-rights abuses and other societal ills to draw attention away from its own corrupt political system. [The Wall Street Journal]

Lebanon and Jordan moved to squash spill-over violence from the conflict in next-door Syria. [The New York Times]

Most people in Israel support an apartheid regime if Israel formally annexes the West Bank, and explicitly favor discrimination against the state's Arab citizens, reports the left-leaning Haaretz.

What you might have missed on Global Affairs:

Clintons, Leahy launch controversial US-funded industrial park in Haiti

Hours before presidential debate, Carter says chances for Israeli-Palestinian peace 'vanishing'

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