Poll: American young adults see China as a threat

“For young Americans living through a poor economy where meaningful, full-time jobs are difficult to find, they understand that their generation has been set-back in terms of critical skills, knowledge and work experiences. They know these setbacks in their professional careers put both themselves and America at a potential long-term competitive disadvantage with workforces in China and other countries.”

China has loomed large in this election, with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney vowing to get tough on America's second-largest trading partner and label it a currency manipulator on his first day in office. President Obama has countered that Romney's record of investing in companies that relocated to China makes him unlikely to follow through on his election-time threats.

Young Ohioans went on to list “indebtedness to foreign nations” as the third gravest threat facing America (44 percent of respondents), behind the national debt and energy dependence but ahead of terrorism. The online survey of 507 Ohio adults confirms findings from a nationwide poll last year that found 76 percent of young adults view China as a danger, 48 percent view it as an economic threat and 28 percent view it as both an economic and military threat.