Obama down with Jewish voters from 2008 results

President Obama had a 68 percent share of the Jewish vote, according to national exit polls Tuesday evening — 10 points less than his share four years ago.

The early results suggest Republicans' barrage of criticism about the president's commitment to Israel have had an effect. In the crucial swing state of Florida, which remained too close to call late Tuesday evening, the president's share of the Jewish vote was lower than the national average, at 66 percent.

Republican nominee Mitt Romney throughout the campaign accused Obama of not having been a strong enough opponent of Iran's alleged nuclear program. And Romney, a business associate of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dating back four decades, vowed to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the U.S. Embassy there if he's elected, a break with both parties' historic foreign policy.

Democrats for their part have spent the campaign saying the administration has given unprecedented military aid to Israel and assembled an international coalition for sanctions against Iran.